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In April 2023 thirteen minor girls got raped in Kambia district, out of them, 9 fell pregnant. In November of the same year, when we had our Annual Experience Sharing platform these cases haven‘t been presented to court yet. “Justice delayed is justice denied”, says Paso Conteh, Senior Child Protection Officer of the Gender and Children’s Affairs Ministry in Kambia district. Despite laws, campaigns and sensitization to ban and criminalise violence against women and girls and even calling a state of emergency over sexual violence in 2019 – Sierra Leone still faces high numbers of sexual and gender-based violence cases, violence against women and girls, stigmatisation of survivors and much more. This needs to be changed, there is no development without gender equity! Exactly one year later, we dearly hope this April will be a better one for all women and girls in Kambia district as well as throughout Sierra Leone. Watch the video on YouTube.

Let’s talk real

At MAGE, we’re all about putting beneficiaries first! Our unique approach involves effective communication in the language our participants feel most comfortable with. Whether it’s Krio, the lingua franca of Sierra Leone, or any of our native languages, we’ve got you covered. Our workshops and trainings are lively and engaging, conducted in Krio to ensure everyone feels at ease. Now, it’s time for our info material to catch up! We’ve crafted visuals with key messages to share far and wide. At MAGE, we’re passionate about a free Sierra Leone and a world without sexism.

16 Days of Activism

UNITE! Invest in preventing violence against Women and Girls!”—this year’s compelling theme for the UN Campaign against Gender-Based Violence (GBV). At our organization, we believe in going beyond the campaign period. Seizing this opportunity, we initiated community engagement in the vicinity of our office. Additionally, we actively participated in FoRUT’s campaign against harmful drinks and misleading advertisements. Together, let’s extend our commitment to creating a safer and more equitable world for all!

16 Days of Activism against GBV

Reflecting on Peace Practice

In late November, we had the pleasure of hosting Rolf Grafe, a specialist in the “Do No Harm” approach, at our office. Mr. Grafe shared valuable insights with our team, emphasizing the importance of continuous learning for development. We are thankful for his support and eagerly anticipate applying our newfound knowledge in the coming year. Just as we encourage our beneficiaries to reflect on their activities, we are committed to regularly evaluating and enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of our programs.

NGO Award 2023

We are thrilled to receive the Outstanding NGO Award for the second consecutive year, recognizing our Commitment to Excellence, Best Practices, and the Realization of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Sierra Leone. As a Women’s Rights Organization, our dedicated efforts contribute significantly to the achievement of SDG 5 – Gender Equality. The United Nations emphasizes, “Gender equality is not only a fundamental human right but a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous, and sustainable world.” We are proud to play our part in providing women and girls with equal access to education, healthcare, decent work, and representation in political and economic spheres, fostering positive change in societies and humanity at large.

SGBV – What works?

In October, we organized two significant two-day Regional Experience Sharing Workshops. These workshops marked the first occasion where stakeholders from various districts came together to exchange their lessons learned, share experiences, and engage in discussions about the challenges, accomplishments, and the next steps required. The first workshop took place in Bo and included participants from the city itself, as well as from Kailahun District, Pujehun District, and Moyamba District. The second workshop was held in Kambia, bringing together representatives from Kambia District, Kono District, and Freetown Western Urban. The participants comprised a diverse group of beneficiaries, including members of the police, the Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces (RSLAF), the Family Support Unit (FSU) and Ministries, as well as traditional and religious leaders, community coordinators, and more.

MPP goes into the next round

We continue to make strives and gains as a nation in gender inequality and the unequal power relations for women’s rights to ensure their meaningful political participation. Our NDI project with its Men, Power and Politics Program (MPP) continues with cohort 3 and representatives of all seventeen political parties in Sierra Leone.

As this quote suggests, genuine change comes from within ourselves when we are willing to change our thinking, behavior, and practices. MPP is a learning for the transformation of our young political leaders. It contains three modules, Personalize, Politicize and Strategize Gender.

CPS Training to end SGBV 

Ever found yourself stuck in a cycle of behavior you know isn’t right? But change is possible.

In March 2023 we held a Training on SGBV in Kailahun district. We interviewed the couple Famata and Saidu Samai on how their interaction and behavior changed after being sensitized.

Watch what they have to say about their relationship…

Vacancies – We’re hiring! 


Join our mission for a more just world! We are on the lookout for a Field Officer. You’ve got facilitation skills and a Bachelor’s degree? You are a high resilience person and  a team player who is fluent in English, Krio, and one native language? Then you might be the perfect fit.  At MAGE-SL, we’re all about promoting gender equality and transforming social norms. If you’re passionate about this cause and love facilitating workshops, apply until Sep 30th. We especially encourage women to apply. Send the application to abdul.martin@gmail.com
Let’s make change happen together!


MAGE-SL Implements MPP in Liberia

In July we went with the National Democratic Institute (NDI) Washington/USA to Liberia to train 47 men & women on supporting new alliances to end violence against women in politics and media. The participants have come from media houses, political parties and CSO’s. Our experienced facilitators who have trained all 17 political parties in Sierra Leone with the Men, Power and Politics (MPP) approach used their gained knowledge to implement MPP in Liberia. It was a great experience! We are grateful for this opportunity and to have met such commited and inspiring participants in Liberia. Only with joint forces we can tackle the Gender Inequality in West Africa! We are happy to got that chance and to meet the famouse female Gender Justice activist Linda Fawaze. From now on we will support the team in Liberia with online consulting.

Our Peace Ambassador Battie


We should not take part in any violence act in elections!” says Battie – one of our Peace Ambassador from Kailahun. In March this year we travelled through Sierra Leone and did sensitization trainings on election based violence. We discussed with the youth that the causes, reasons and effects of election related violence are and how to avoid such situations.
Listen to what Battie has to say!


Cooperation with the Sierra Leonean SheLeads Project – a consortium of Defence for Children International – Sierra Leone, Plan International – Sierra Leone and Women’s Forum Sierra Leone.
MAGE has been part of the facilitation team of two the SheLeads trainings. First in April with young men to promote Gender Equality and Equity. Second in May with young female politicians to sharpen their skills on being female aspirants in the upcoming general elections. We believe in strong cooperation and joint activities – only together with joint forces it is possible to see great changes.

Culture Radio Launching first Organic Charcoal Factory

We witnessed on the 11th of May the launching of the first factory for the production of alternative and organic charcoal in Sierra Leone. Culture Radio the head of this project is part of the CPS Mano River Programme in Sierra Leone which is funded by Bread for the World. The Factory opening under the solgan Wat to Wealth is a big and important step into s sustainable supply of cooking energy.
Shoutout to culture radio and everyone involved for that innovative and great Idea!