Men's Association for Gender Equality - Sierra Leone

Promoting Gender Justice, Human rights & Equity

Promoting Gender Justice...

Men’s Association for Gender Equality Sierra Leone (MAGE-SL) is a registered national Non-governmental Organization (NGO) and an active MenEngage Africa and MenEngage Global Alliance member – a Continental Alliance of country networks and international partners working with men and boys to promote Gender Justice, Equality, Women’s Rights and Empowerment and also a member of MenEngage Global Alliance. 

On the 17th of June, 2001 MAGE was established in a Guinea Refugees Camp by Tamba David Mackieu, as a response to the occurring violence within the camp, especially against women and children. By this time the effort of MAGE was funded and supported by UNHCR.

Since 2011 we are a registered national NGO in Sierra Leone. We’re a civil society entity and chair of the MenEngage Sierra Leone Country Network comprising Non-governmental Organizations and activists engaging men and boys on Women’s Rights,  Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR), Gender Justice and social issues through the transformation of Gender Social Norms and Masculinities.

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